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"For" is expressed differently in different cases.

(1) Adjective + for + noun = 对 + noun + adjective

  • 对身体好 good for health
  • 看电视对学习汉语有帮助 Watching TV is good for learning Chinese

(2) verb + for + noun 为/给 + noun + verb

  • 为/给学校工作 Work for the school
  • 为/给人们服务 To serve the people
  • 给 in each case emphasize you are doing it for the recipients benefit

(3) Expression + for (the fact that) + statement

  • 谢谢你让我笑(让我开心)Thank you for making me smile (making me happy)
  • 对不起让你伤心 Sorry for making you upset