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Comic books in China are known as 漫画 (mànhuà). There is a variety of sources to get them in Chinese and their English translation.

How to Find Comics on Your Own

You can find a manhua you like in two ways.

1. Start with Chinese Comics (Manhua) Sources

You can first check these sources and see if there are any titles that interest you.

Once you find a title you like, you can then search on Google with the Chinese title plus the word "English" to find the English translation.

2. Start with English Translation Sources

Alternatively, you can start with English translations by visiting the sites listed below.

After you found the title that interests you, find out the title in Chinese which is usually printed on the cover. Then Google for the title to read online.

3. Selection of bilingual Comics in several languages

Individual Titles

《长歌行》 (Song of the Long March)

This manhua (comic) is set in the Tang Dynasty and uses a some classical language in dialogue which could be tricky for intermediate students.