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HSK Standard Course

  • Number of volumes: HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3: one textbook, one workbook; HSK 4, HSK 5, HSK 6: two of each

Answer Keys

Audio (MP3 files)

Vocabulary without translation (XLS files)

Powerpoint files for chapters of the textbooks



Other Course Books

  • Advanced Chinese for Humanities (I) (人文天下——高级汉语教程 上) blcup MP3 Files
  • Advanced Chinese for Humanities (II) (人文天下——高级汉语教程 下) blcup

Free Course Books

Oral Courses

  • Conversational Chinese 301 (汉语会话 301) (two textbooks (上,下) and two workbooks(上,下)), Seller: Purple Culture, Amazon
    • German Edition: Chinesische Konversation 301, Seller:

  • Beautiful Bridge Preliminary Spoken Chinese (美丽的桥初级实用汉语口语), 上,下, one textbook and workbook each, Sellers: Amazon, Purple Culture
  • Basic Sentences of Spoken Chinese (汉语口语基本句) Lower-Intermediate, Volume 1(上) ISBN 978-7-5619-2473-0, Sellers: Purple Culture, Amazon, Volume 2 (下)ISBN 978-7-5619-2921-6, Sellers: Purple Culture, Amazon
  • Basic Chinese Sentences (汉语口语常用句), ISBN 7-5619-1166-1, ISBN 978-7-5619-1166-2, Sellers: Purple Culture, Amazon, CD, ISBN 978-7-8870-3182-2, Sellers Amazon